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The Great Neck and Port Washington Railroad, a subsidiary of the Long Island Rail Road built what is today known as the Port Washington Branch through the community in 1898; Plandome became a flag stop until it received a station in 1909. The original station building suffered a serious fire in January, 1987 and was rebuilt along with platform lengthening and refurbishment by 1990. The Village of Plandome was incorporated in 1911 as the Plandome Land Company began to develop the village itself, though some homes, farmhouses and mills had been built in the area in prior decades. Plandome, as well as surrounding villages Plandome Manor and Plandome Heights, derives its name from the Latin ‘Planus Domus’, meaning plain, or level home. The Willets Farmhouse, circa 1810, is still extant on Willets Lane. It was built by brewer George Willets of the Willets family of Cow Neck. The house was recently restored and is not currently landmarked. The Almeron and Olive Smith House at 50 South Drive is dated to 1907 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. The village is protected by the Plandome Fire Department, an all-volunteer fire department that was organized in 1913. The Plandome Police Department was absorbed into the Nassau County Police Department in 1975. Police service is provided by RMP 624 of the Sixth Precinct. There remain many historically significant houses belonging to former financiers and industrialists within the village.