Nurse's Footwear
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We know you nurses, doctors, vets and assistants spend hours on your feet. Long Island Scrubs has the footwear you need to help protect your hard working legs, ankles and feet!


Nurse's Shoes, Clogs & Footwear

LI Scrubs footwear selections aim to protect the joints, feet, ankles and muscles of our medical professionals and all other clinical professionals. For optimum performance and exceptional comfort, every caregiver should invest in a durable pair of nursing shoes that caters to the natural shape of their feet. From sole to upper materials, fabric choices and insole – every construction detail of medical shoes for women and nurse’s shoes for men is made with comfort, practicality and your well-being in mind. 

More often than not, nurses and doctors have to present physical strength and endurance. We know nurses (and 1000s of other professionals) who work in medical professions spend difficult hours on their feet, bending over backwards to meet the needs and demands of their patients. That is why medical clogs and nurse clogs need to be professional, practical and extremely comfortable – all at the same time. Our anatomically designed clogs, shoes, sandals and boots ensure that you’ll feel like you’re standing on a soft, sandy surface, even after a long day on the floor. 

No matter if you’re looking for white clogs or black nursing shoes, the LI Scrubs online store offers a variety of stylish footwear designed to meet the demanding  needs of doctors, nurses, assistants, caregivers and other medical personnel that are trusted and worn all over the world.  Features like nonslip soles that are waterproof, grease resistant, dirt resistant and breathable leather or synthetic materials are only a few of the benefits that come with a pair of slip-on nursing shoes. Some models even have an interchangeable footbed that can be washed and disinfected whenever needed.

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